Trailer Axle

When it comes to trailer Axle Servicing and repairing TM Trailer Repair is there to provide you with the best axle service in the market. Our services include axle replacement, axle servicing, and axle repair. We suggest getting your axle checked at the first sign of an axle issue, like continuous noise, malfunctioning brakes, and grease leakage from the axle parts. With our experience, we can identify the issue and find the most economical way to fix it so you can continue driving your vehicle.

Axle Servicing

For your trailer axles to remain in optimal condition and lower the likelihood of mechanical breakdowns, regular maintenance is essential. In axle servicing, we perform differential oil changes, greasing of moving mechanical parts, and other essential tasks that reduce wear and tear and improve the lifespan of the machine.

Axle Repair

We have a fully equipped repair workshop to handle and repair both minor and major issues. We can install premium replacement parts or fix damaged spindles, hubs, and leaf springs. 

Axle Replacement

If the axle is damaged and unrepairable, in our workshop facility, we provide an axle replacement service that you can trust. We install reliable, high-quality products for the replacement of damaged parts.

Our Service Benefits

Several important business advantages come with selecting us for your truck axle replacement or repair needs:

Experienced Technicians:

Our team includes well-trained and skilled professionals who are experts in servicing, repairing, and replacement tasks.

High-Quality Parts:

Along with a quality service we also provide high-quality parts for the replacement of damaged parts. Installing good quality products will increase the lifespan and efficiency of the machine.


As we value our time, so do we value our clients’ time. Nobody likes unnecessary delays in work. We ensure that we deliver the services as per the deadline.