Trailer Brakes Wheel Seals

No one needs to stress more on the importance of having the right braking system and making sure that it is in tip-top shape. This is very true because trucks and trailers are often put to use in harsh environments such as the Colorado Mountains in mud, cold, or hot weather conditions. In such conditions, the brakes and wheel seals on your truck and trailer are important for your safety of others on the road.

If you fail to properly maintain wheel seals, races, and bearings, it can leads to a catastrophic axle failure and put you in a life-threatening situation. To avoid this, you need to carefully inspect all your trailer bearings. The wheel seals help the wheel bearing grease from getting in the brake disc or into the brake drum. If it is old, then the worn-out seals can allow the dirt and water to contaminate the wheel hub assembly.

A set of new wheel must be installed whenever the bearings are removed for servicing. It is also very harmful if dirt and debris get around into your bearings while you are traveling at speed. It will also shorten their lifespan. The wheel seals keeps the grease in and the dirt out.

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