Trailer Preventive Maintenance

It is very important to ensure the safe operation of your truck or trailer. This is why you need to perform a Preventive maintenance inspection. Every trailer or truck owner must keep a tab on an organized trailer maintenance program. The DOT also requires maintenance records to be kept on your truck or trailers on the highway. Preventive maintenance is a kind of prevention that you take when it comes to trucking. You need to develop and stick to a maintenance schedule that helps you rule out all the minor issues and fix them before turn into bigger expensive issues. 

There are seasonal changes as well that bring the cold and hot weather extremes. For example, winter truck driving affects your truck differently from summer one. To optimize the maintenance schedule, you need to adjust your preventive maintenance plan to compensate for the climatic conditions. 

Also, the vehicle’s components and parts are going to wear out over time, and avoiding them can impact more critical components.  By following a preventive maintenance schedule, your truck or trailer will run at optimal conditions. Preventive maintenance includes the inspection of suspension and steering components, belts and hoses, fluid filters, brakes, axles, and every other remaining part to ensure that your vehicle functions efficiently. Routine maintenance will also involve checking the levels of all vital fluids in the vehicle. 

We at Technomech Trailer Repair INC. perform a variety of preventive maintenance services. You must not avoid scheduling preventive maintenance if you wish it to work as it is intended. Get in touch with us if you are seeking help with any frequent inspections or parts replacements. We are just a call away!