Floor Repair

Whether your trailer floor is damaged due to rusting or any other reason. Technomech Trailer Repair Inc. is here to fix it for you. We provide the best flooring repair service for trucks and trailers to keep you mobile and your trailer floor intact.

After long years of use the trailer floor may get damaged due to normal wear and tear or rusting. Water is the worst enemy of trailer floors and it drastically reduces it’s lifespan. Usually, the trailer floor lasts for more than 20 years and the need to repair does not arise soon. But if your trailer has wooden flooring then water reduces its life even quicker.

Is floor repair required?

Bring your trailer for inspection and repairs if you observe or experience any of these conditions:

  • If the deck feels unstable while loading or unloading your freight.
  • There are cracks in the flooring.
  • If you notice signs of rusting, rotting, or deterioration.
  • The bolts and fasteners are not tight enough.
  • If your trailer is more than 10 years old and requires a floor replacement.
  • If you want to upgrade to stronger and more durable flooring for carrying heavier loads.

Our expert technicians can repair and replace any trailer floor, be it metal flooring or wooden flooring. We fix them all. Our professional team is trained and well-equipped to do quality repairs for your trailers. With years of experience, we are one of the most trusted trailer repair companies in the USA.